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December 24th, 1999 – December 22nd, 2016

Happy Tree Friends is a American adult web series that started on December 24th, 1999. It was created by Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, and Kenn Navarro for the American multimedia company, Mondo Media. The show achieved a cult following on Mondo Media, G4, and YouTube. In 2006, the show would gain a television series, consisting of 13 episodes with 3 segments in each one. On December 6th, 2016, a package called the "Still Alive" package released on Mondo Media's website. It was made to help boost the profits for Mondo Media, and to help keep the show running. Consisting of five all-new episodes, with bonus materials, behind the scenes footage, storyboards, and more. As of now, there have been no new episodes since the release of the final episode in the package, titled "In Over Your Hedge", which released on what would've been the show's 19th birthday on YouTube; December 24th, 2018.


Being an adult animated show disguised as a kids cartoon show, the series follows cute anthropomorphic forest animals, who are suddenly subjected to very extreme and cruel graphics violence in all of it's episodes. Each episode revolves around the characters accidentally, or deliberately inflicting extreme pain, murder, and/or mutilation.

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