"It's Spring, I'm 16, and I'm Still a Bud"

"Vengeance is a Staff Meal"


"Grey Heron Rhapsody"

"A Tearful Chef Romance"

"Nothing Venture Nothing Win"

"All Quiet on the Kissui Front"


"The Longest Day at Kissuiso"

"Slight Fever"

"Bark at the Night"

"See ya."

"Shijima's Girl (Broken Heart MIX)"

"This is My Way of Life"

"Sunny With a Chance of Beans"

"This Sky, That Sky"

"Pool on the Hill"

"A Mermaid Princess and a Shell Bra"

"Sloppy Omelet Rice"

"Love, Kōrin Festival"

"The Return of "Die""

"A Determined One-sided Crush"

"Compensation for a Dream"

"Sui Shijima, The Last Boss"

"My Beloved Kissuiso"

"To Bloom One Day"

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