Season 1

"Egg of Columbus"

"Beloved Bastard"

"Those With and Those Without"

"The Wandering Totem Pole"

"Sweat, Muscles, and Me"

"The Prophet's Torment"

"Black Cosmos"

"The Blood-Soaked Bitter Melon"

"Little Beauty and the Beast"

"March of the Weak"

"Flight of the Victor"

"Resolve (Ego)"

Season 2

"Melancholy of Hero"

"Art Returns"

"Madness Flower"

"For Whom Talent"

"Buddy's Wishes"


"Emergency Room 24 Hours"

"Worst Promise & Best Memory"

"Symphony in the Moonlight"

"For whom to Duel"

"End of Yokohama"

"Ego (Resolution)"

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