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"Fruits of Labor"

"Tears of Joy"

"Shadow Boxing"

"3 Months to Counter"

"The Opening Bell of the Rematch"

"The Destructive Force of 1 cm"

"Promise to Meet Again"

"C Class License"

"Debut Match!"

"Obsession for Victory"

"Becoming a Bully's Buddy"

"The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins"

"Powerful Arms! Hooks vs. Uppercut!"

"Test of Endurance"

"Anticipating a Fierce Fight"

"Ippo on the Beach"


"Dream of a KO"

"The Threat of Shotgun"

"The Way to Capture a Prodigy"

"Forward! Forward!!"

"The Other Semi-Final"

"To the Promised Place..."

"Grudges, Sorrows & Dreams"

"The Battle for Distance"

"Death Match"

"Victory or Defeat"

"Rocky of Naniwa"

"To Enemy Ground"

"Traces of Intense Battles (recap)"

"Throw Your Right!"

"Smash Force"

"The Rookie King"

"The Counting Journey"

"The Champ and I"

"A Thing to Strive For"

"Two Rookies of the Year"

"Challenge in a Foreign Land"

"A Counter to Surpass All Counters"

"Barf-michi's Big Fight"

"Sharing a Dream"

"The Speed Star"

"Blind Spot in the Ring"

"The White Fangs of the Wolf"

"Be the Gazelle"

"The Fighting Spirit Within"

"The Red Wolf"

"The Courage to Believe"

"Something to Convey"

"The Group Date"

"The Challenger (recap)"

"So That I Can Be Myself"

"Fists of the Champ"

"The Japan Featherweight Title Match"

"The Power that Stands in the Way"



"A Determined Gaze"


"Comeback Anxiety"


"Youth of Fire"

"Hot Rod Era"

"The Summer of the Kamogawa Corps"

"Mr. Takamura's Tears"

"The Kamogawa Gym Swings Into Action"

"The Chief's Peril"

"The Trap of the Southpaw"

"The Young Punk"

"Time for the Showdown"


"Surpass that Moment"


"A Step Further"

"Boxer's Fist"

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