The HP Tour Guide is a desktop tour program that was featured on HP's computers (such as their HP Pavilion series computers), from 2000 to about 2005. It features Victor as the guide, and it uses the Microsoft Agent engine.

Note: There is a Microsoft Agent character file for the Victor character available for download, which can be downloaded here. It can be installed and used for some MS Agent-related programs, such as MASH (Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper). However, the animation files may be required.

How the Program Works

When the user clicks on the icon for this program, two white electronic doors pop up, they open so that Victor can go through, and they close and disappear. After that, Victor says phrases like "Good morning!," "Good afternoon!," and/or "Good evening!" (depending on the time of day when the program starts). A small menu box then appears and Victor uses his hand to point at it, and he asks "How can I help you?" If the user clicks on one of the sentences on the small menu box (for example: "Tell me about the desktop"), Victor will tell him/her about the features of his/her new HP computer, such as how the tour guide (Victor) himself works, how the desktop works, how the Internet works, etc.. When the user chooses to exit the program, Victor waves at him/her, and the white doors pop up again, Victor presses a couple buttons before the doors open, Victor goes through, they close, and disappear again.

Sound Effects Used

Hollywoodedge, Wood Door OCKnob Ratt PE180201

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