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Guyver: Dark Hero (also known as Guyver 2: Dark Hero) is a 1994 American superhero film based on the manga and anime, Bio Booster Armor Guyver. It is a sequel to the 1991 film The Guyver. Written by Nathan Long and directed by Steve Wang, the film stars David Hayter in the title role, replacing Jack Armstrong.

Unlike the previous film, Guyver: Dark Hero follows a more serious and darker tone much closer to the source material (the flashback to the Creation of the Guyvers, for instance, is taken almost verbatim from the original manga). Due to the film's low budget, it went direct-to-video in the United States, but was given a limited theatrical run in foreign countries. It was rated R (unlike the PG-13 rating of the first movie) due to several scenes depicting gore and brutality. Despite not receiving a theatrical release, the film gained a cult following and was met with more favorable reviews than its predecessor.


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