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Gumby Adventures is a 1987 clay animation television series produced by Art Clokey.


Gumby and his pals are back in all-new adventures taking them into the 1980s. Now a high-school teenager, Gumby lives with his parents and younger sister Minga. He and his good friends Pokey, Prickle and Goo manage a farm together and also play in a band, and often thwart the Blockheads' evil doings. They often have their adventures across Toyland and in various books, and many surreal things happen, just like the original show. Additional recurring characters include Granny, Professor Kapp and the Groobee (from the 60s episodes), Denali the Mastodon and Tillie the hen (both new to the franchise).

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NOTE: For the most part, this show uses the Series 1000 Sound Effects Library from Sound Ideas, along with a few Series 2000 effects, and several custom-created Roland/synthesizer sound effects.

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