Soundeffects Wiki

Season 1

"The Travelling Musicians of Bremen" (The Musicians of Bremen)

"Hansel and Gretel" (Hansel and Gretel)

"The Frog Prince (Part 1)" (The Princess and the Frog)

"The Frog Prince (Part 2)" (The Princess and the Frog)

"Little Red Riding Hood" (Hooded Red)

"The Golden Goose" (The Golden Goose)

"Puss in Boots (Part 1)" (The Cat Who Wore Boots)

"Puss in Boots (Part 2)" (The Cat Who Wore Boots)

"Snow White and Rose Red" (Snow White and Rose Red)

"Snow White (Part 1)" (Snow White)

"Snow White (Part 2)" (Snow White)

"Snow White (Part 3)" (Snow White)

"Snow White (Part 4)" (Snow White)

"The Six Who Went Far in the World" (The Six Renowned Men)

"The Water of Life" (The Water of Life)

"Bluebeard" (Bluebeard)

"Jorinde and Joringel" (Yorinde and Yoringel)

"Briar Rose" (Princess Briar Rose)

"Old Sultan" (Old Man Sultan)

"King Grizzle Beard" (King Thrushbeard)

"The Naughty Spirit" (The Demon and the Devil)

"The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes" (The Sewn-Up Dancing Shoes that Wore-Out)

"Cinderella (Part 1)" (Cinderella)

"Cinderella (Part 2)" (Cinderella)

Season 2

"The Crystal Ball" (The Crystal Ball)

"The Marriage of Mrs. Fox" (The Marriage of Mrs. Fox)

"Beauty and the Beast" (The Story of the Summer Garden and the Winter Garden)

"The Magic Heart" (The Cabbage Donkey)

"Rapunzel" (Rapunzel)

"The Old Woman in the Woods" (The Old Woman in the Woods)

"The Faithful Watchmen" (The Grave Mound)

"The Wolf and the Fox" (The Wolf and the Fox)

"Mother Holle" (Auntie Holle)

"The Six Swans" (The Six Swans)

"The Coat of Many Colours" (Thousand-Furs)

"Brother and Sister" (Brother and Sister)

"The Four Skillful Brothers" (The Four Skillful Brothers)

"The Spirit in the Bottle" (The Spirit in the Glass Bottle)

"The Iron Stove" (The Iron Stove)

"Bearskin" (The Man Who Wore the Bearskin)

"The Hare and the Hedgehog" (The Hare and the Hedgehog)

"The Man of Iron" (Iron Hans)

"The Brave Little Tailor" (The Brave Little Tailor)

"The Wren and the Bear" (The Wren and the Bear)

"Rumpelstiltskin" (The Nymph's Name)

"The Water Nixie" (The Nixie of the Pond)

"Godfather Death" (Godfather Death)