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September 10, 1999 (Spain)
October 1, 1999 (Canada)
February 15, 2000 (United States) (video premiere)
November 3, 2000 (United Kingdom)

Grey Owl is a 1999 biopic directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Pierce Brosnan in the role of real life British schoolboy turned Indian trapper "Grey Owl," Archibald Belaney (1888–1938), and Annie Galipeau as his wife Anahareo, with brief appearances by Graham Greene and others. The screenplay was written by William Nicholson. This film was released on September 10, 1999 by Columbia TriStar Pictures, while 20th Century Fox released in United Kingdom and Universal Pictures released in the rest of the world internationally. A video premiere released on February 15, 2000.

It was also the last film with Largo Entertainment when it defuncted in 1999.


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