Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"Cory's First Day"

"Chrissy's Best Friend"

"Garbage Day"/"Rubbish Day"

"Oil Spill"

"Firehouse"/"Fire Station"


"Speed Limits"

Season 2

"Copy Car"

"Happy Anniversary"

"Mike's Carcade"

"Flat Tire"/"Flat Tyre"

"Cory's New Bedroom"

"Grandpa's Treasure"

"Ice Cream Truck"/"Ice Cream Van"

Season 3

"Cops & Robbers"

"Superhero School"

"Bored Games"

"Show & Tell"

"Teen Monster Truck"


"Near All-Nighter"

Season 4

"Winifred Wings"

"Substitute Teacher"

"Spoiler Alert"

"Cory Loses a Tooth"

"Trashy Romance"

"School Project"

"Moby Fishy Face"

Season 5

"Fishaway Day"

"New Kid"

"Strictly Spoiled"

"The Shimmering Poppygold"

"Cory's Voice"

"Flying a Kite"

"The Big Nap"

"Junior Build"

"The Library"

"Flight School"

"Pet Plant"

"Birthday Surprise"

"Opposite Day"

"Best Best Friend"

"Coach Cory"

"Cory and the Tuba"

"Recess"/"Break Time"

Season 6

"Bumper Bowling"

"Ball on the Roof"

"Changing Lanes"

"Birthday Buddy"

"Blustery Beach Day"

"Mary Mailtruck"

"Ice Skating"

"Harry Hoodini"

"Baby Unicar Fever"

"Yipita Cartinez"

"Itchy Sweater"

"Stuck on the Tracks"

"Freddie the Houseguest"

"Helpful Halle"

"Cuzzy Carson"

"Bedtime Story"

"School Play"

"Garage Sale"