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July 13 – August 9, 2015

Ghost of Relativity (Chinese: 鬼同你OT; Jyutping: Gwai2 Tung4 Nei5 OT; Cantonese Yale: Gwái Tùhng Néih OT; literally "Ghost to Overtime With You" or "Who The Hell Wants to Overtime With You") is a 2015 Hong Kong romantic-comedy with a supernatural theme television drama created and produced by TVB, starring Moses Chan, Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu as the main cast. The Chinese title has a double meaning, when read accordingly it literally translates to "Ghost to Overtime With You", however the word "ghost" (鬼) is also a Hong Kong slang that is equivalent to "who the hell" in English, so the Chinese title could also translate as "Who The Hell Wants to Overtime With You". The drama is broadcast on Hong Kong's Jade and HD Jade channels from July 13 till August 9, 2015 every Monday through Sunday during its 9:30-10:30 pm timeslot with a total of 28 episodes.

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