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Generation O! is an American animated musical comedy children's television series made by Sunbow Entertainment, with co-production associated by Wang Film Productions in Taiwan and Ravensberger in Germany. The show was originally titled Molly O!, and was released under that title in some regions. It was created by David Hale, Tim Newman, James Proimos and Suzanne Collins, based on an original idea by Hale and Newman. Executive producers were Carole Wietzman, Martha Ripp and Ken Olshansky. The creative producer and director was Mike Milo and the Line Producer was Jodey Kaminsky-Cashman. Most of the episodes were written by Suzanne Collins, who later wrote The Hunger Games book series. John Hardman was the production executive at Kids' WB.

The show's visual design was based on Proimos' style. Every episode had at least one song and music video, which would be related to the episode's plot. For example, in one episode Molly gets mad at her brother and ends up writing a song called "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" in retaliation. Most of the songs used in the series were written by Hale and David Buskin.

This show aired from 2000 to 2001 on YTV and Kids' WB. Kids' WB aired it as part of their "Fraturdays" block. 13 episodes were produced. In Latin America, the show premiered on Nickelodeon on 2001, but was removed in early 2003. In the UK, the series was screened on the Disney Channel, but curiously unlisted in the schedules and aired in a late night slot and Toon Disney. In Australia it aired on Nickelodeon. In Ireland, it was screened on the Irish language network TG4 with the series dubbed into Irish. In Singapore, the series was broadcast on Kids Central.


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