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Mixed Crowd, Noisy, Laughing

Spanish Men On Horseback, Chasing Indians

Men On Horseback, Talking In Spanish

Civil War Battle

Launching Boat In Storm - Shouts Of Haul-A-Way, Cast Off

Wind - Grasshoppers - Locusts

Taps - Wind - Train Approaches

Rain - Wind - Earthquake

Trumpet Fanfare - Mounted Troop - Crowd Background

Busy Bar, Music, Crowd Sings Along

Outdoor Market, Crowd Background, Carts

English Auction, Bids, Crowd Reaction

Battle With Rifle Ricochets

Sea Scene - Ship, Waves, Seagulls

Man Pushing Wheelbarrow, Whistling

Wind - Man Crouching And Walking In Snow

Small Machine Shop / Garage

Industrial Montage / Boat, Planes, Train, Machinery

Birds, Water, Indian Drums

Birds - Children Playing

Farm Animals

Searching For Something - Paper Rattle, Cans, Boxes Falling

Frogs In A Pond

Galloping Horseback, Birds And Water Background

Recess - School Bell, Children Playing

Spring Storm - Wind, Heavy Rain

Creepy Thing

Sea Storm - Waves, Wind, Rain

Battle - Swords, Axes, Horses, Men Yelling

Mine Disaster - Hammering, Rock Slide, Fire

Indian Attack - Gunfire, Horses, Wagons

Building And Running, Weird Machine

Cat Purring And Meowing

Crazy Doings

Babies And Mothers

Trip - Traffic, Busy Crowd, Children's Playground, Pedestrians, Mothers And Babies

Laughter And Clapping, Small Group

Giggling And Laughing - Small Group

Drag Race - Cars Starting, Crowd Background

Car Approaches - Wins, Crowd Reaction

Urban Background - Traffic, Clock Striking, Construction Sounds

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