Season 1

"Awakening, Part 1"

"Awakening, Part 2"

"Awakening, Part 3"

"Awakening, Part 4"

"Awakening, Part 5"

"The Thrill of the Hunt"


"Deadly Force"

"Enter MacBeth"

"The Edge"

"Long Way to Morning"

"Her Brother's Keeper"


Season 2

"Leader of the Pack"



"A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time"

"The Mirror"

"The Silver Falcon"

"Eye of the Beholder"


"City of Stone, Part 1"

"City of Stone, Part 2"

"City of Stone, Part 3"

"City of Stone, Part 4"

"High Noon"


"The Price"


"Double Jeopardy"



"The Cage"

"Avalon, Part 1"

"Avalon, Part 2"

"Avalon, Part 3"

"Shadows of the Past"








"The Hound of Ulster"


"Mark of the Panther"


"Eye of the Storm"

"The New Olympians"

"The Green"



"Cloud Fathers"

"Ill Met by Moonlight"

"Future Tense"

"The Gathering, Part 1"

"The Gathering, Part 2"



"The Reckoning"


"Hunter's Moon, Part 1"

"Hunter's Moon, Part 2"

"Hunter's Moon, Part 3"

Season 3: The Goliath Chronicles

"The Journey"



"Broadway Goes to Hollywood"

"A Bronx Tail"

"The Dying of the Light"

"And Justice for All"

"Genesis Undone"


"For It May Come True"

"To Serve Mankind"

"Seeing Isn't Believing"

"Angels in the Night"

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