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January 27, 2011 (Xbox 360)
February 23, 2012 (PlayStation 3)

Gal*Gun (ぎゃる☆がん Gyaru Gan?) is a Japanese rail shooter Bishōjo game developed by Inti Creates and published by Alchemist, and released in Japan on January 27, 2011. Originally only for the Xbox 360, a PlayStation 3 port with additional characters and PlayStation Move support was released on February 23, 2012.


Tenzou, the protagonist, is a student who is accidentally shot with several Cupid Arrows by an apprentice angel, Patako. The blessing from the arrows makes Tenzou irresistible to the opposite sex, transforming him into the most popular boy in school for one day.

The catch is if Tenzou is unable to find his true love before the effects of the Cupid Arrow wear off, he’ll be destined for a life of loneliness.

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