Ep. 1: "Our School Will Be Gone!" / "The School is Gone☆"

Ep. 2: "Welcome to Alice Academy!" / "Welcome ☆ to Alice Academy"

Ep. 3: "I'm Not Going to Lose to Any Alice!" / "I Won't Lose To An Alice☆"

Ep. 4: "This is My Alice" / "This is My Alice☆"

Ep. 5: "The Star Class is Tough"

Ep. 6: "I'm With The Good-For-Nothing Types"

Ep. 7: "I Won't Lose the Alice Dodgeball"

Ep. 8: "I Want To See Grandpa"

Ep. 9: "I Love You, Hotaru"

Ep. 10: "How Exciting, Central Town"

Ep. 11: "Alice, I'm in Special Training"

Ep. 12: "The School Festival is Here"

Ep. 13: "Go After the Superstar"

Ep. 14: "Let's Bring Natsume Back"

Ep. 15: "Let's Go Back to the Academy"

Ep. 16: "Imagine the Maze, the Magic Lamp"

Ep. 17: "Hotaru's Secret"

Ep. 18: "Just two of us,in the dark"

Ep. 19: "Raise the Curtain, Snow White in the Sleeping Forest"

Ep. 20: "Who Will Have the Last Dance?"

Ep. 21: "Aim for the Honor Student Award"

Ep. 22: "Mr. Bear and the Prince"

Ep. 23: "The Circus is Here"

Ep. 24: "Mr. Narumi's Lie"

Ep. 25: "Take Back the Academy"

Ep. 26: "Friendship is Endless" / "Friends ☆ Eternally"