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"Operation Dragonfire, Day 1"

"Operation Dragonfire, Day 2"

"Operation Dragonfire, Day 3"

"Operation Dragonfire, Day 4"

"Operation Dragonfire, Day 5"

Season 1

"United We Stand"

"Revenge of the Pharaohs"

"Granny Dearest"

"Victory at Volcania, Part 1"

"Victory at Volcania, Part 2"

"The Nozone Conspiracy"

"Pigskin Commandos"

"Cold Shoulder"

"Injustice and the Cobra Way"

"General Confusion"

"Night of the Creepers"

"That's Entertainment"

"I Found You... Evy"

"An Officer and a Viperman"

"D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 1"

"D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 2"

"The Mind Mangler"


"Stuck on You"

Season 2

"The Eliminator"


"The Sword"

"El Dorado - The Lost City of Gold"

"Kindergarten Commandos"

"Long Live Rock and Roll, Part I"

"Long Live Rock and Roll, Part II"

"The Sludge Factor, Part 1"

"The Sludge Factor, Part 2"

"Messenger from the Deep"

"The Greatest Evil, Part 1"

"The Greatest Evil, Part 2"

"Infested Island"

"A is for Android"

"Shadow of a Doubt"

"Keyboard Warriors"

"Cobra World"

"Metal Head's Reunion"

"Basic Training"

"The Legend of Metal Head"