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"No Anchovies"

"The Banana Peel Problem"


"Future Danny"

"Opening Title"

Ep. 1

"Long Live Captain Cakerz!"

"Terrible Tuber Trouble"

"Healin' Touch with Dr. D"

Ep. 2

"How to Beat a Cold... With Fists!"

"Old Man Duck Head"

"Unsolved Histories"

Ep. 3


"Steak Starbolt"

"The Very Hungry Killah-Pillah"

Ep. 4

"Bubble Dad"

"Porthole to the Lizard"

"Future Danny and the Ghost Pirates of Tau Ceti"

Ep. 5


"The Forever Five"

"Great Debates with the End of Time"

Ep. 6

"The Bleak Shall Inherit the Earth"

"Makin' History"

"Lobster Boy Movie Trailer"

Ep. 7

"Go Help Yourself"


"Mecha-Muck Wars"

Ep. 8

"Revenge of the Anchovy Monster"

"Food Goggles"

"Steak Starbolt Spooktacular"

Ep. 9


"The Reemen"

"Dr. D, Ghost Hunter"

Ep. 10

"Steak Starmom"

"Lemonade's Last Stand"

"This Week in Future Science"

Ep. 11

"The Time Travelers Council"

"Future Danny and the Scourge of the Plierates"

"Bug's Very Important Job"

Ep. 12

"Bug vs. the Babysitter"

"Doug Race: 3939"

"The Panama Bananama"

Ep. 13

"Future-Worm and the 54 Days of Snordfest"

"Lost in the Mall"

Ep. 14

"Devil on Bug's Shoulder"

"Assassin Parrot"

"The Never-Ending End of Time"

Ep. 15

"Egg in the Family"

"The Right to Bear Arms"

"This Week in Future Science 2"

Ep. 16

"Danny Swap: The Musical"

"The World According to Larp"

"Mecha-Muck Wars 2"

Ep. 17

"O Brother, Here Art Thou"

"Life With Barl"

"Fyootch Fails"

Ep. 18

"Megan Muck Wars"

"Porthole to the Spider Hole"

"Weenie Genie"

Ep. 19

"Be Mine Across Time"

"Fyootchy Swap"

"Steak Starbolt Movie Trailer"

Ep. 20

"Manchovy Prison Break"

"Wrong Place, Wrong Time"

"Future Danny Finale"

Ep. 21: "Finale"