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April 13, 1984

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is a 1984 American slasher film directed by Joseph Zito, produced by Frank Mancuso Jr., and starring Kimberly Beck, Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover, and Ted White. It is the fourth installment in the Friday the 13th film series. Picking up immediately after the events of Part III, the plot follows a presumed-dead Jason Voorhees (White) who escapes from the morgue and returns to Crystal Lake to continue his killing spree. The film also introduces Tommy Jarvis (Feldman), a young boy who serves as a major foil to Jason and would return as the protagonist of the following two installments.

Much like Part III, the film was originally supposed to be the final installment in the series. Mancuso Jr. wanted to conclude the series as he felt nobody respected him for his assisting work on the series regardless of how much the films earned at the box office, as well as wanting to work on other projects. Paramount Pictures supported the decision, as they were aware of the declining popularity of slasher films at the time of its release. As a result, the film was marketed as "The Final Chapter" to ensure it as such. Make-up artist Tom Savini, who worked on the first film, returned because he wanted to help kill off Jason, whom he helped create.

The film was originally scheduled to be released in October, but was pushed up to April 13, 1984. Upon its theatrical release, the film grossed $33 million in the U.S. on a budget of $2.2 million, making it the fourth most attended of the Friday the 13th series with approximately 9,815,700 tickets sold. The film received generally negative reviews from critics. Despite being billed as the final film, its success prompted another sequel, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985), one year later.

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