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Suburban Sounds (Crickets And Temperature; Crickets Chirp At Slow Speed)

Insect Flight (Inside A Hornet; Pre-Flight Warm-Up; Fatigue Experiment)

Insect Flight (Wing-Beat Vs. Load; Flight-Light Experiment; In A Hornet Nest)

Flying Insects (Mosquitoes; Bumble Bee; May Beetle; Japanese Beetle; Warble-Fly; Flowerfly; European Hornet)

Cicada Warm-Up And Flight (Tent Caterpillar Moth; Underwing Moth; Large Long-Horn Beetle Screaming; Click Beetles)

Wasp Chewing (False Katydid; Cicada Song; Cicada And Plane; Evening Insects)


Longhorn Beetle Walking

Small Longhorn Beetle Shriek

Viceroy Butterfly Walking

Viceroy Butterfly In Flight

Harpalus Beetle Walking

Fly Caught On Flypaper

Underwing Moth Walking

Grape-Leaf Beetle Walking

Dragonfly In Flight

Mud-Dauber Wasp Flight

Crabre Argus (Wasp) In Nest

Hover Fly

Deerfly (Chrysops Niger)

Deerfly (Chrysops Vitatus)

Japanese Beetles On A Rose

Drone Fly (Eristalis)

Bumblebee (Two Toned Flight)

Cicada Song

Spider (Salticus Sp.) Walking

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