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Street Noises At Xmas Time

Group Of Women Gabbing - Tea Party

Background In Men's Locker Room

Background In General Type Retail Store

Background In Large Commisary

Background In Large Dept. Store

Applause - Medium Size Group

Applause And Cheers - Large Group

Football Crowd - "Touchdown" Cheers, Etc.

Baseball Crowd - Crack Of Bat And Cheers

Applause At Symphony From Natural Start And Build

Applause At Symphony To Natural End And Hall Noise

New Years Eve - Aud Lang Syne

New Years Eve - Times Square

Baby Screams And Crying

Baby Talk And Happy Sounds

Baby Laughing

School Bell Slow Hand

School Bell Fast Hand

Town Criers Hand Bell

Alarm Clock

Telephone Bell, Old

Telephone Bell, New

Sleigh Bells

Store Bell - Door Open And Close

Old Truck - Starting, Idle

New Truck, Starting And Moving Away

Auto Horn

Truck Horn

Car Start And Movement

Car Passing By

Traffic Noises

Police Whistle


Hand-Sawing Wood

Hack Saw, Metal

Hammer On Pipe

Hammer Nail In Wood

Hammering Nails

Single Shovel Digging In Gravel

Electric Drill

Electric Saw - Wood- Rotary

Sawing Wood And Hammering

Small Group, Sawing And Hammering

Hammering Down Wooden Structure

Hammering Down & Breaking Of Wood

Group Demolishing Wooden Structure

Heavy Construction Sequence With Individual Sounds Superimposed

General Heavy Construction

Electric Lift

Jet Engine In Wind Tower

Jet Flying By

Jet Idling

Boeing 707 Engine Run-Up

Boeing 707 Taxi To Runway

Boeing 707 Fly Over 2500 Feet

Pilot Briefing Of Passengers On Constellation Flight To Miami

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