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Foley Sound Library is a sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge, which was released in 1999. Some of the sound effects were reused from their previous libraries, such as The Premiere Edition Volume 1, and contains other classic sound effects recorded in the early '90s and before.

Metal Impacts

Metal Drum Impacts FS011101

Metal Drum Impacts FS011102

Metal Drum Impacts FS011103

Metal Drum Impacts FS011104

Metal Drum Impacts FS011201

Metal Drum Impacts FS011202

Metal Drum Impacts FS011203

Metal Hits Metal Pipe FS010601

Metal Hits Metal Pipe FS010602

Metal Hits Metal Pipe FS010603

Metal Hits Metal Pipe FS010604

Metal Hits Metal Pipe FS010605

Metal Impact Wwarble FS011001

Metal Object Drops FS010901

Metal Object Drops FS010902

Metal Impacts Hollow FS014101

Metal Impacts Hollow FS014102

Metal Impacts Hollow FS014103

Metal Crashes

Metal Car Crashes Lar FS014401

Metal Impacts Crash FS014304

Metal Impacts Crash FS014501

Metal Impacts Crash FS014503

Metal Crashes Distan FS014603

Metal Crashes Crash FS014702

Metal Crashes Crash FS014703

Metal Crashes Crash FS014704

Metal Crashes Crash FS014801

Metal Crashes Crash FS014803

Metal Crashes Crash FS014804

Metal Crashes Crash FS014805

Metal Crashes Crash FS014806

Metal Crashes Crash FS014807


Whip Swish Cracks 02S FS037701

Whip Swishes Single Fast FS038201

Whip Swishes Single Fast FS038202

Whip Swishes Single Fast FS038203

Whip Swishes Single Fast FS038204

Whip Whooshes Circul FS038501

Whip Whooshes Circul FS038502

Whip Whooshes Circul FS038503

Whip Whooshes Circul FS038504

Whip Whooshes Circul FS038505


Heavy Punch FS040101

Heavy Punch FS040102

Heavy Punch FS040103

Heavy Punch FS040104

Heavy Punch FS040105

Heavy Punch FS040106

Heavy Punche FS040107

Heavy Punch FS040108

Heavy Punch FS040109

Low Thud Punch FS040201

Low Thud Punch FS040202

Low Thud Punch FS040203

Low Thud Punch FS040204

Low Thud Punch FS040205

Low Thud Punch FS040206

Low Thud Punch FS040207

Low Thud Punch FS040208

Low Thud Punch FS040209

Heavy Face Punch FS040301

Heavy Face Punch FS040302

Heavy Face Punch FS040303

Heavy Face Punch FS040304

Heavy Face Punch FS040305

Heavy Face Punch FS040306

Heavy Face Punch FS040307

Chin Punch FS040401

Chin Punch FS040402

Chin Punch FS040403

Chin Punch FS040404

Chin Punch FS040405

Chin Punch FS040406

Chin Punch FS040407

Chin Punch FS040408

Low End Punch Heavy FS040501

Low End Punch Heavy FS040502

Low End Punch Heavy FS040503

Low End Punch Heavy FS040504

Low Body Punch Heavy FS040601

Low Body Punch Heavy FS040602

Low Body Punch Heavy FS040603

Low Body Punch Heavy FS040604

Low Body Punch Heavy FS040605

Low Body Punch Heavy FS040606

Heavy Body Punch FS040701

Heavy Body Punch FS040702

Heavy Body Punch FS040703

Heavy Body Punch FS040704

Heavy Body Punch FS040705

Heavy Body Punch FS040706

Heavy Body Punch FS040707

Heavy Body Punch FS040708

Heavy Body Punch FS040709

Punching Bag Hits Mul FS040801

Punching Bag Hits Mul FS040802

Punches Grunts Punch FS040901

Punches Grunts Punch FS040902


Sword Whooshes Light FS031301

Sword Whooshes Light FS031302

Sword Whooshes Light FS031303

Sword Whooshes Light FS031304

Sword Whooshes Light FS031305

Sword Whooshes Light FS031306

Sword Whooshes Heavy FS031401

Sword Whooshes Heavy FS031402

Sword Whooshes Heavy FS031403

Sword Whooshes Heavy FS031404

Sword Whooshes Heavy FS031405

Sword Whooshes Heavy FS031406

Sword Whooshes Singl FS034301

Sword Whooshes Singl FS034302

Sword Whooshes Singl FS034303

Sword Whooshes Multi FS034401

Sword Whooshes Multi FS034402

Sword Whooshes Multi FS034403

Sword Whooshes Multi FS034404

Small Swishes Light FS048101

Small Swishes Light FS048102

Small Swishes Light FS048103

Small Swishes Light FS048104

Small Swishes Light FS048105

Small Swishes Light FS048106

Medium Swish FS048201

Medium Swish FS048202

Medium Swish FS048203

Medium Swish FS048204

Heavy Swishes Whoosh FS048301

Heavy Swishes Whoosh FS048302

Heavy Swishes Whoosh FS048303

Heavy Swishes Whoosh FS048304


Flag Flaps Flag Flaps FS058203

Glass Breaks

Glass Breaks Light FS024501

Glass Breaks Light FS024502

Glass Breaks Light FS024503

Glass Breaks Light FS024504

Glass Breaks Light FS024505

Glass Breaks Light FS024506

Glass Breaks Light FS024507

Glass Breaks Distant FS024601

Glass Breaks Distant FS024602

Glass Breaks Distant FS024603

Glass Breaks Distant FS024604

Glass Breaks Distant FS024605

Glass Breaks Distant FS024606

Glass Breaks Distant FS024607

Glass Breaks Distant FS024608

Glass Breaks Light Ce FS024701

Glass Breaks Light Ce FS024702

Glass Breaks Light Ce FS024703

Glass Breaks Light Ce FS024704

Glass Breaks Light Ce FS024705

Glass Breaks Medium FS024801

Glass Breaks Medium FS024802

Glass Breaks Medium FS024803

Glass Breaks Medium FS024804

Glass Breaks Medium FS024805

Glass Breaks Medium FS024806

Glass Falls

Glass Falling Steady FS027201

Glass Falls Light Ver FS027301

Glass Falls Light Ver FS027302

Glass Falls Light Ver FS027303

Glass Falls Medium FS027401

Glass Falls Medium FS027402

Glass Falls Medium FS027403

Glass Falls Medium FS027404

Glass Falls Medium FS027405

Glass Falls Medium FS027406

Glass Falls Medium FS027407

Glass Falls Medium FS027408

Glass Falls Medium FS027409

Glass Falls Heavy FS027501

Glass Falls Heavy FS027502

Glass Falls Heavy FS027503

Glass Falls Heavy FS027504

Glass Smashes

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025401

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025402

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025403

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025404

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025405

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025406

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025407

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025408

Glass Smashes Multip FS025501

Glass Smashes Multip FS025502

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025601

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025602

Glass Smashes Heavy FS025603

Window Breaks

Window Pane Breaks FS025803

Window Pane Breaks FS025804

Bone Breaks

Bone Cracks Bone Crac FS043301

Bone Cracks Bone Crac FS043302

Bone Cracks Bone Crac FS043303

Bone Cracks Bone Crac FS043304

Bone Cracks Bone Crac FS043305

Bone Cracks Bone Crac FS043306

Bone Breaks Gushes He FS044001

Bone Breaks Gushes He FS044002

Bone Breaks Blood Com FS044101

Bone Breaks Blood Com FS044102

Bone Breaks Blood Com FS044103

Bone Breaks Blood Com FS044104

Bone Breaks Blood Com FS044105

Bone Breaks Blood Com FS044106

Bone Breaks Stab Wet FS044201

Bone Breaks Whooshes FS043501

Bone Breaks Whooshes FS043502

Bone Breaks Whooshes FS043503

Bone Breaks Whooshes FS043504

Bullet Impacts

Bullet Impacts Metal FS013301

Bullet Impacts Metal FS013302

Bullet Impacts Metal FS013303

Bullet Impacts Metal FS013304

Bullet Impacts Metal FS013305

Bullet Impacts Glass FS026301

Bullet Impacts Glass FS026302

Bullet Impacts Glass FS026303

Bullet Impacts Glass FS026304


Arrow Whistle Bys Lig FS036202

Arrows Hit Shields Sc FS036102


Kick To Body FS041001

Kick To Body FS041002

Kick To Body FS041003

Kick To Body FS041004

Kick Whoosh FS041101

Kick Whoosh FS041102

Kick Whoosh FS041103


Big Face Slaps Huge Fa FS042301

Big Face Slaps Huge Fa FS042302

Big Face Slaps Huge Fa FS042303

Big Face Slaps Huge Fa FS042304


Bird Wing Flaps Singl FS058701

Body Crawls Gear Body FS047801

Body Falls On Grass Di FS044601

Body Scrapes Slides FS046006

Metal Creaks Machine FS015801

Metal Squeaks Hinge FS015604

Metal Wronks Heavy FS016802

Staff Hits Medium Scr FS037504

Sword Clanks Heavy Si FS031102

Stabs Swishes Multip FS043001

Wood Falls Distant FS021102

Metal Scrapes

Metal Squeaks Raspy FS015701

Metal Squeaks Raspy FS015702

Metal Squeaks Raspy FS015703

Metal Squeaks Raspy FS015704

Metal Squeaks Raspy FS015705

Wood Crashes

Wood Crashes Distant FS022705

Body Falls

Body Falls On Dirt Hea FS044408

Body Falls On Grass Di FS044601

Body Falls On Cement H FS045801

Body Falls On Cement H FS045802

Body Falls On Cement H FS045803

Body Falls On Cement H FS045804

Body Falls On Cement H FS045805

Body Falls On Cement H FS045806

Body Falls On Cement H FS045807

Body Falls On Cement H FS045808

Body Falls On Cement H FS045809

Body Falls On Cement H FS045810

Body Falls On Cement H FS045811

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047401

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047402

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047403

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047404

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047405

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047406

Heavy Body Falls Reve FS047407

Body Falls On DebrisC FS047501

Body Falls On DebrisC FS047502

Body Falls On DebrisC FS047503

Body Falls On DebrisC FS047504

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