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Fizz Sound Creation (フィズサウンドクリエイション) is a sound effects company that was founded in 1971 as Ishida Sound Production, Inc., but changed to its current name in 1980. They are responsible for a majority of laser, explosion, and mecha sound effects that are heard in most modern anime, although some of their library predates 1971. Frequent clients of theirs over the years have been Sunrise, Nippon Animation, Toei Animation, Tatsunoko Production, Shin-Ei Animation, Pierrot, Group TAC, Ajia-do Animation Works, Xebec and GoHands.

Series utilizing their services



Former staff

  • Hidenori Ishida (石田 秀憲) (founder)
  • Osamu Ito (伊藤 修)
  • Keisuke Ishida (石田 圭介)
  • Shinji Kobayashi (小林 真二)
  • Hideyuki Sugawara (菅原 秀侑)
  • Taizo Nakayama (中山 太三)
  • Takanobu Takamatsu (高松 孝宣)
  • Hiroshi Tsukioka (月岡 弘)
  • Katsumi Itō (伊藤 克己) (later founded Swara Productions)
  • Shoji Kato (加藤 昭二) (later founded Anime Sound Production)
  • Kenichi Mori (森 賢一)
  • Yutaka Inoue (井上 裕)
  • Yasufumi Yoda (依田 安文) (later founded WaiWaiSound, deceased)
  • Atsushi Harada (原田 敦)
  • Hidenori Arai (新井 秀徳) (now at JetSoundEngine)
  • Mutsuhiro Nishimura (西村 睦弘) (now at JetSoundEngine)
  • Akihiko Matsuda (松田 昭彦) (now at JetSoundEngine)
  • Mitsuru Kageyama (蔭山 満)
  • Kentarou Washio (鷲尾 健太郎)

Sounds created by this company