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First Human Giatrus is an anime series based on the manga created by Shunji Sonoyama.

Air Date

October 5, 1974 – March 27, 1976

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In the typical gag and material that was stylized by this work, "loud sounds become stones in the shape of letters and fly", "meat of slices", "rush of mammoths and as a result, human beings are trampled. There are "Become fluent" and "Teccon Kincrete".

In the work, the monetary economy has permeated for some reason despite the primitive age, and you can see the depiction of using huge stone coins, but of course it is fiction, and the huge stone coins used in this way are It does not exist in history. Although such huge stone coins exist on Yap Island, they are not carried by humans, but only the ownership is transferred.

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