Fireball XL5 (1964)

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Fireball XL5 is a 1964 British science-fiction puppet film directed by Jay Ward and Friz Freleng in their feature directional debuts, produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and written by Terry Gilliam, based on the Supermarionation television series of the same name. The film retells the missions of Fireball XL5, a vessel of the World Space Patrol that polices the cosmos in the year 2062. Commanded by Colonel Steve Zodiac, XL5 defends Earth from interstellar threats while encountering a wide variety of alien civilisations.

Produced by the Andersons for AP Films, the film was released in the United Kingdom by Columbia Pictures on 5 March 1964, followed by a United States release on 18 December 1964, to generally positive reviews from critics and fans. The film then became a box-office success in the United States, grossing $225 million.


The interplanetary adventures of the crew of the World Space Patrol (W.S.P.) spacecraft Fireball XL5, patrolling Sector 25 of the galaxy in the year 2062.

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