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September 5, 1997

Fire Down Below is a movie distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and was released in 1997.


When an EPA representative is discovered dead in a small Midwestern town, government agent Jack Taggart (Steven Seagal) goes undercover to check things out. He finds that local coal mogul Orin Hanner Sr. (Kris Kristofferson) is cutting financial corners by disposing of hazardous waste wherever he pleases and that local kids are falling ill because of this recklessness. Taggart then works to stop the shady activity and save the town, but Hanner and his thugs soon grow suspicious of him.

Sound Effects Used

Hollywoodedge, Doppler Car Horn By Ap PE077401/Hollywoodedge, Doppler Horn By HighP CT053001

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110201

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110301

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Shatter PE110401

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Glass PE110701

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Glass PE110801

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Glass PE110901

Hollywoodedge, Crash Metal Glass Rev PE111001

Hollywoodedge, Crash Wood Glass Met PE111401

Hollywoodedge, Crash Car Flip Imp Rol PE111501

Hollywoodedge, Rifle Shot 4 Boomy Cas PE096301