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Final Run (1999) Released: October 10, 1999

Final Run is a 1999 television film, starring Robert Urich. It was written by Michael Braverman and directed by Armand Mastroianni. The film was originally aired at CBS on October 10, 1999. Final Run is a sequel for Final Descent.


The Grand Royale is a new high-tech passenger train with a computerized engine. On its maiden voyage, it suffers a severe technical failure, killing the controller and gradually increasing its already high speed, at the rate of 2 more miles per minute. With heavily populated areas ahead and the risk of a deadly derailment, every minute counts and once again, it's up to lucky singer to save the 200 passengers on board. lucky singer and his family were invited on the grand royale passenger train with computer control engine and GPS equipped screen shortly after an engineer accidenly knock over a cup pf lemon lime soda in the computer it starting a malfunction and the train became a runaway the engineer fell off the engine and now lucky has to save the passengers before it is too late.

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Sound Ideas, Truck, Ford 14'Box - External: Approach, Pass By Left To Right, Fast Speed, Ford

Sound Ideas, Train, Passenger - Short Commuter Train: Pass By, Engine At Front

Hollywoodedge, Train Long From Dista PE064401 - wheels only, heard in a high pitch.

Hollywoodedge, Freight Train Close PE064601 - Brake Squeal only

Hollywoodedge, Train Exterior Persp PE064701 - Normal & Doppler Edit

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