Season 1


"The Runt"

"The Stranger"


"Fish Out of Water"


"Playing Hooky"

"The Hospital"

"Begging Benny"

"The Hero"

"The Prankster"

"Four Eyes"

"The Tomboy"


Season 2

"The Bully"

"Smart Kid"

"Mr. Big Timer"

"The Newcomer"

"What Does Dad Do?"

"Mom or Pop"

"How the West Was Lost"

"Sign Off"

Season 3

"The Fuzz"

"An Ounce of Prevention"

"Fat Albert Meets Dan Cupid"

"Take 2, They're Small"

"Animal Lover"

"Little Tough Guy"

Season 4

"Smoke Gets in Your Hair"

"What Say?"

"Readin', Ritin', and Rudy"

"Suede Simpson"

"Little Business"

"TV or Not TV"

"Shuttered Window"

"Junk Food"

Season 5

"In My Merry Busmobile"

"The Dancer"

"Spare the Rod"

"Sweet Sorrow"

"Poll Time"


"Free Ride"

"Soft Core"

Season 6

"Pain, Pain, Go Away"

"The Rainbow"

"The Secret"

"Easy Pickin's"

"Good Ol' Dudes"

"Heads or Tails"

"Pot of Gold"

"The Gunslinger"

Season 7

"Habla Espanol"

"2 by 2"

"Parking Dog"

"Water You Waiting For?"

"The New Father"

"Double Cross"

"Little Girl Found"

"Watch That First Step"

Season 8

"Have a Heart"

"Watch Thy Neighborhood"

"Cosby's Classics"

"Justice Good as Ever"

"Rebop for Bebop"

"Sinister Stranger"

"Handwriting on the Wall"


"It All Adds Up"

"Never Say Never"

"Don't Call Us"

"The Runner"

"Video Mania"

"You Gotta Have Art"

"Long Live the Queen"

"The Joker"

"Second Chance"

"Kiss & Tell"

"Teenage Mom"

"Film Follies"

"Harvest Moon"

"Read Baby Read"

"The Whiskey Kid"

"Millionaire Madness"

"Call of the Wild"

"Funny Business"

"3 Strikes, and You're In"

"What's the I.D.?"

"Rules is Cool"

"The Birds, the Bees, and Dumb Donald"

"Double or Nothing"

"Hot Wheels"

"No Place Like Home"

"Not So Loud"

"The Jinx"

"You Don't Say"

"Amiss with Amish"

"Gang Wars"

"Computer Caper"

"We All Scream for Ice Cream"


"Painting for the Town"

"Rudy and the Beast"


"Faking the Grade"

"Write On"

"Cable Caper"

"Say Uncle"

"No News is Good News"

"Attitude of Gratitude"

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