Season 1

"The Loon in the Moon"

"Toys will be Toys"

"All in a Babe's Work"

"The Big Sleep"

"Attack of the Cubic Rubes"

"Monkey See, Monkey Zoo"

"Cooking Mother's Goose"

"Journey to the Center of my Sister"

"Carrot Encounters of the Third Kind"

"The Baby Who Fell to Earth"

"Beach Blanket Baby"

"Stitches in Time"

"From Here to Twinkle, Twinkle"

Season 2

"Boo Who?"

"Ben, the Blackmailer"

"Cowboy Max"

"Straight Flush"

"Rats Like Us"

"Grab Bag Rag"

"Movie Star Max"

"To Tell the Tooth"

"Dr. Max & Baby Hyde"

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinar?"

"A.B., Phone Home"

"Puzzle, Puzzle, Toil & Trouble"

"Blarney Fife"

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