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European Edition is a sound effects library made by the Hollywood Edge. It was first released in 1996.


The sound library is a collection of license-free effects that has been housed at Tape Effects in Pinewood Studios, London, England. It can be used as a background in several applications for films, broadcast TV, commercials, sound design, and more. Some of the sounds contained within were also part of the Cinesound library.

It is not to be confused with another library called HollywoodEdge (Europe Edition) - released in 1992 with the help of Roland Corporation UK.

Sound Categories

Aircraft-Prop Passenger

Prop Plane Idle Fokke EE010101


Siren American FireT EE066401

Siren English Police EE066701

Siren English Police EE066801

Horn Fancy WindtoneH EE066001


Beeps High PitchedHi EE130301


Cuckoo Clocks En Mass EE111401


Phone Ring Digital Am EE114901

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