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October 21, 2006 – June 6, 2014

El Chavo Animado (El Chavo: The Animated Series in English) is a Mexican animated series based on the live action television series El Chavo del Ocho, created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, produced by Televisa and Ánima Estudios. It aired on Canal 5, and repeats were also shown on Las Estrellas and Cartoon Network Latin America. 134 episodes aired between 2006 and 2014 and starts a hiatus.

After several years of successful repeats of the original series, on 21 October 2006 Televisa launched in Mexico and the rest of Latin America an animated version of the program by Ánima Estudios to capitalise on the original series' popularity. With the series, Televisa began a marketing campaign which included merchandise tie-ins. For the series' launch event, a set was built (imitating the computerised background) on which the animation was said. Many elements of the original series, including most of the original stories, were included in the animated series.

El Chavo Animado also aired in English via Kabillion's on-demand service in the USA. Although it was part of the video-on-demand service, the series did not appear on the Kabillion website until the site's April 2012 relaunch. The series is currently airing on bitMe and Distrito Comedia as of 2020.


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NOTE: The H-B, WB and Cartoon Trax sound effects are used heavily in this series.

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