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February 28, 1973 – September 29, 1979

El Chapulín Colorado (English: The Red Grasshopper) is a Mexican television comedy series that ran from 1973 to 1979 and parodied superhero shows. It was created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito), who also played the main character. It was first aired by Televisa in 1973 in Mexico, and then was aired across Latin America and Spain until 1981, alongside El Chavo, which shared the same cast of actors. Both shows have endured in re-runs and have won back some of their popularity in several countries such as Colombia or Peru, where it has aired in competition with The Simpsons (which features a recurring parody of the character). The name translates literally in English as "The Red Grasshopper" or "The Cherry Cricket" (the word chapulín is of Nahuatl origin and applies to a Mexican species of grasshopper, while colorado means "red".). The main character uses a conspicuous red uniform. It is known in Brazil as "Chapolin", "Vermelhinho" ("Little Red One") and "Polegar Vermelho" ("Red Thumb") in allusion to the famous fairy tale character Tom Thumb.

Although the series has a regular cast (the same cast as El Chavo), all actors but Gómez Bolaños play different characters each episode, and it is therefore described as an anthology series.


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