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November 27, 2002

Eight Crazy Nights (also known as Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights) is a 2002 American adult animated musical comedy-drama Christmas and Hanukkah film directed by Seth Kearsley and produced, co-written by, and starring Adam Sandler in his first voice-acting role. The film is animated in the style of television holiday specials and, unlike most mainstream holiday films, centers on Jewish characters during the Hanukkah season, as opposed to the Christian celebration of Christmas. 

This is also Happy Madison Productions' first animated film. The film's title is taken from a line in Sandler's series of songs called The Chanukah Song that compares the gift-giving traditions of Christmas and Chanukah: "Instead of one day of presents, we get eight crazy nights!" A new version of The Chanukah Song also plays over the film's closing credits. It has been called the best known Hanukkah film.

The film has received a cult following, especially among those in the Jewish community, as it is one of the highest-profile and most-known Hanukkah films.


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