Eerie Whirring is a Sci-Fi sound effect from TV Shows, Video Games, and Others. No one knows which sound effects library it is found in as it debuted in The Incredible Hulk (1978 TV series).

Used In

TV Shows



  • The Century: America's Time (Heard in the intro.)

Video Games


  • Safe Cracker (Pinball Machine) (Heard when the ball goes to the roof spot.)


  • Nickelodeon - Jimmy Neutron: Operation Jet Fusion Sweepstakes (2003) (Also heard in 10 second long intro bumper)
  • Fox - The Simpsons New Episode - The Man Who Came to Be Dinner (2015)


  • The Laws of Gravity

Other Media

  • Fremont Street Experience (Heard only in "Area 51.")

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