E&M Planning Center (E&Mプランニングセンター E&M Puranningu Sentā) is a Japanese sound effects company that was founded in 1972 as simply E&M.

Frequent clients of theirs over the years have been Toei Animation, Eiken, Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Knack, Sunrise, Studio Gallop, A.P.P.P. and Studio Ghibli.

Michihiro Ito and Takahisa Ishino, who were the main players in E&M instead of Noriyoshi Oohira, whose credit in the 1988 theatrical animation Grave of the Fireflies was considered the last, was responsible for the TV anime Blue Seed. After leaving E&M, they co-founded Sound Ring in 1995. Also in 1995, in the TV anime Kiteretsu Daihyakka, the credit for sound effects was given only with the company name notation "E&M P". but it has been changed to only Yozo Kataoka's personal name notation. Based on these events, E&M Planning Center seems to have gone out of business in 1995.

Series utilizing their services


  • Noriyoshi Oohira (大平紀義 Ōhira Noriyoshi)
  • Michihiro Ito (伊藤道廣 Itō Michihiro)
  • Yozo Kataoka (片岡陽三 Kataoka Yōzō)
  • Katsuo Ogawa (小川勝男 Ogawa Katsuo)
  • Kazutoshi Sato (佐藤一俊 Satō Kazutoshi)
  • Masakazu Yokoyama (横山正和 Yokoyama Masakazu)
  • Hironori Ono (小野弘典 Ono Hironori)
  • Takahisa Ishino (石野貴久 Ishino Takahisa)

Sounds created by this company

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