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April 22, 2005

Duma is a 2005 American family drama adventure film about a young South African boy's friendship with an orphaned cheetah, set in the country of South Africa and based on How It Was with Dooms by Carol Cawthra Hopcraft and Xan Hopcraft. It was directed by Carroll Ballard and stars Alexander Michaletos, Eamonn Walker, Campbell Scott and Hope Davis.

The film was theatrically released on April 22, 2005 by Warner Bros. Pictures, Gaylord Films and C.O.R.E.. The film received positive reviews from critics, but fared poorly commercially, earning $994,790 on a $12 million budget. The film won the Family Feature Film at the Genesis Awards in 2006.


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Sound Effects Used

  • Hollywoodedge, Bull Roar Medium Pers PE022301
  • Pro Sound Effects, Cheetah, CU Breaths, Long Groaning Purrs, Wary, Sharp Sniffles
  • Pro Sound Effects, Cheetah, CU Breaths, Pants, Purrs, Stalks, Crunchy Steps
  • Pro Sound Effects, Cheetah, CU Expressive Vocalizations, Speech-Like Purrs, Breathes, Chirps, Soft Movement
  • Pro Sound Effects, Cheetah, CU Speech, Throaty Purrs, Squeaky Chirps, Foliage Rustle
  • Pro Sound Effects, Cheetah, Expressive Vocalizations, Subtle, Purrs, Whines, Distant Birds, Foliage Rustle

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