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March 5, 1994 – September 6, 1997


Eric T. Duckman is a widowed, lewd, self-hating, egocentric anthropomorphic duck who lives with his family in Los Angeles and works as a private detective.

Supporting characters include Cornfed, a pig who is Duckman's Joe Friday-esque business partner and best friend; Ajax, Duckman's eldest, mentally-slow teenage son; Charles and Mambo, Duckman's conjoined twin child genius sons whose heads share a body; Bernice, Duckman's sister-in-law and the identical twin of Beatrice who is a fanatic fitness buff and hates Duckman with a passion; Grandma-ma, Duckman's comatose, immensely flatulent mother-in-law; and Fluffy and Uranus, Duckman's two Care Bear-esque teddy-bear office assistants.

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