Season 1

Ep. 1: "The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part 1: Don't Give Up the Ship"

Ep. 2: "The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part 2: Wronguay in Ronguay"

Ep. 3: "The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part 3: Three Ducks of the Condor"

Ep. 4: "The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part 4: Cold Duck"

Ep. 5: "The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part 5: Too Much of a Gold Thing"

Ep. 6: "Send In the Clones"

Ep. 7: "Sphinx for the Memories"

Ep. 8: "Where No Duck Has Gone Before"

Ep. 9: "Armstrong"

Ep. 10: "Robot Robbers"

Ep. 11: "Magica's Shadow War"

Ep. 12: "Master of the Djinni"

Ep. 13: "Hotel Strangeduck"

Ep. 14: "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan"

Ep. 15: "Duckman of Aquatraz"

Ep. 16: "The Money Vanishes"

Ep. 17: "Sir Gyro de Gearloose"

Ep. 18: "Dinosaur Ducks"

Ep. 19: "Hero for Hire"

Ep. 20: "Superdoo!"

Ep. 21: "Maid of the Myth"

Ep. 22: "Down & Out in Duckburg"

Ep. 23: "Much Ado About Scrooge"

Ep. 24: "Top Duck"

Ep. 25: "Pearl of Wisdom"

Ep. 26: "The Curse of Castle McDuck"

Ep. 27: "Launchpad's Civil War"

Ep. 28: "Sweet Duck of Youth"

Ep. 29: "Earth Quack"

Ep. 30: "Home Sweet Homer"

Ep. 31: "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"

Ep. 32: "Micro Ducks from Outer Space"

Ep. 33: "Back to the Klondike"

Ep. 34: "Horse Scents"

Ep. 35: "Scrooge's Pet"

Ep. 36: "Catch as Cash Can Part 1: A Drain on the Economy"

Ep. 37: "Catch as Cash Can Part 2: A Whale of a Bad Time"

Ep. 38: "Catch as Cash Can Part 3: Aqua Ducks"

Ep. 39: "Catch as Cash Can Part 4: Working for Scales"

Ep. 40: "Merit-Time Adventure"

Ep. 41: "The Golden Fleecing"

Ep. 42: "Ducks of the West"

Ep. 43: "Time Teasers"

Ep. 44: "Back Out in the Outback"

Ep. 45: "Raiders of the Lost Harp"

Ep. 46: "The Right Duck"

Ep. 47: "Scroogerello"

Ep. 48: "Double-O-Duck"

Ep. 49: "Luck o' the Ducks"

Ep. 50: "Duckworth's Revolt"

Ep. 51: "Magica's Magic Mirror"/"Take Me Out of the Ballgame"

"Magica's Magic Mirror"

"Take Me Out of the Ballgame"

Ep. 52: "Duck to the Future"

Ep. 53: "Jungle Duck"

Ep. 54: "Launchpad's First Crash"

Ep. 55: "Dime Enough for Luck"

Ep. 56: "The Duck in the Iron Mask"

Ep. 57: "The Uncrashable Hindentanic"

Ep. 58: "The Status Seekers"

Ep. 59: "Nothing to Fear"

Ep. 60: "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. McDuck"

Ep. 61: "Once Upon a Dime"

Ep. 62: "Spies in Their Eyes"

Ep. 63: "All Ducks on Deck"

Ep. 64: "Ducky Horror Picture Show"

Ep. 65: "Till Nephews Do Us Part"

Season 2

Ep. 66: "Time Is Money Part 1: Marking Time"

Ep. 67: "Time Is Money Part 2: The Duck Who Would Be King"

Ep. 68: "Time Is Money Part 3: Bubba Trubba"

Ep. 69: "Time Is Money Part 4: Ducks on the Lam"

Ep. 70: "Time Is Money Part 5: Ali Bubba's Cave"

Ep. 71: "Super DuckTales Part 1: Liquid Assets"

Ep. 72: "Super DuckTales Part 2: Frozen Assets"

Ep. 73: "Super DuckTales Part 3: Full Metal Duck"

Ep. 74: "Super DuckTales Part 4: The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club"

Ep. 75: "Super DuckTales Part 5: Money to Burn"

Season 3

Ep. 76: "The Land of Trala La"

Ep. 77: "Allowance Day"

Ep. 78: "Bubbeo & Juliet"

Ep. 79: "The Good Muddahs"

Ep. 80: "My Mother the Psychic"

Ep. 81: "Metal Attraction"

Ep. 82: "Dough Ray Me"

Ep. 83: "Bubba's Big Brainstorm"

Ep. 84: "The Big Flub"

Ep. 85: "A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity"

Ep. 86: "Blue Collar Scrooge"

Ep. 87: "Beaglemania"

Ep. 88: "Yuppy Ducks"

Ep. 89: "The Bride Wore Stripes"

Ep. 90: "The Unbreakable Bin"

Ep. 91: "Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby"

Ep. 92: "The Masked Mallard"

Ep. 93: "A Duck Tales Valentine (Amour or Less)"

Season 4

Ep. 94: "Ducky Mountain High"

Ep. 95: "Attack of the Metal Mites"

Ep. 96: "The Duck Who Knew Too Much"

Ep. 97: "New Gizmo-Kids on the Block"

Ep. 98: "Scrooge's Last Adventure"

Ep. 99: "The Golden Goose" Part 1

Ep. 100: "The Golden Goose" Part 2

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