Soundeffects Wiki

Ep. 1: "I'm the Tiny Hero, Dai!!"

Ep. 2: "I Won't Let you Die, Princess Leona"

Ep. 3: "Feel Anger, Dai! Shine, Dragon Crest!!"

Ep. 4: "The Hero's Tutor, Avan Appears"

Ep. 5: "Avan Style Extreme Hero Training!!"

Ep. 6: "The Dark Lord Hadlar, Appears! Land the Special Move, Wave Slash!!"

Ep. 7: "The Temporary License is My Proof of Graduating; Decisive Battle!! Hadlar VS Avan"

Ep. 8: "Avan Falls to Kamikazee!? Strike, Strash!!"

Ep. 9: "Goodbye Dermline island! Journeying on a Great Adventure!!"

Ep. 10: "Wandering in the Monster's Forest! The King of Beasts, Crocodine Appears"

Ep. 11: "The Howling Void Axe! Repel it with an Avan Sword Style Technique"

Ep. 12: "The One We Call Our Teacher Avan, the Memories Left with the Magic Bullet Gun."

Ep. 13: "The Ghost Bishop Zaboera's Trap: Eh!? The Fake Hero's party"

Ep. 14: "The Hundred Beast Army's Blitz Attack!! Rescue Romos Kingdom From its Crisis!"

Ep. 15: "Why? Brass Attacks Dai!! The Cowardly Ghost Bishop"

Ep. 16: "Muster Your Courage, Popp! A Fragment of Courage!!"

Ep. 17: "The Evil-crushing Spell that Brings Forth a Miracle!! Now it's Time for Friendship..."

Ep. 18: "A Direct Hit from the Crest of Anger!! The Roaring King of Beasts, Crocodine"

Ep. 19: "Cross the Ocean, Dai! The 6 Commanders of the Demon Lord's Army Gather"

Ep. 20: "A Frightening Enemy Appears!? The Demonic Swordsman, Hyunckel!"

Ep. 21: "Father's Enemy is Avan!? The Ultimate Black Sword of Hatred!!"

Ep. 22: "The Fighting Spirits of Darkness! The Demon Puppet Grab attacks Dai!!"

Ep. 23: "Maam's Crisis! Work Together to Summon Lightning!!"

Ep. 24: "Rescue Maam! Infiltrate the Underground Demon Castle, The Maze of Death!!"

Ep. 25: "Thank you for... The memories... A Father's True Voice!!"

Ep. 26: "Farewell Lonely Soldier Hyunckel!! Settle it with the Magic Sword"

Ep. 27: "The Ally From the Sky!! Dai, Hurry to Leona"

Ep. 28: "I'll Protect Leona!! Showdown!! The Hero versus the Commander of Ice and Fire"

Ep. 29: "The Ice and Fire Barrier!! Ah! Leona Becomes the Frozen Girl..."

Ep. 30: "Avan's Close Friend!? The Great Mage Matoriv's Great Training!!"

Ep. 31: "The Rescue Mission for Leona! Landing on Valge Island"

Ep. 32: "The Old Enemy Hadlar!! Popp, Stand and Face Him With Courage!!"

Ep. 33: "The Soldier Has Returned!! Clash! Hyunckel vs. Hadlar"

Ep. 34: "The Radiance of Life! The Final Fighting Spirit, Grand Cross / Pearly Gates!!"

Ep. 35: "Flazzard's Tenacity Towards Victory! The Stormy Scattering Rock Bullet"

Ep. 36: "Here it is! The Avan Style Final Secret Technique, Sky Slash!!"

Ep. 37: "Avan Strash!! Now... Slice everything..."

Ep. 38: "The path of the disciples of Avan.. And Maam's decision"

Ep. 39: "The wonderful comrade Maam, until we meet again..."

Ep. 40: "Shopping at Bengarna!! Lets go to the Department store."

Ep. 41: "The super dragon army lands! Protect the town of Bengarna!!"

Ep. 42: "The Mystic Kingdom of Teran... The sleeping legend of the Dragon Knight!"

Ep. 43: "The Dragon Commander Baran tells... The Dragon Knight's mission!"

Ep. 44: "The bond between parent and child is a sad fate! The fight between father and child!!"

Ep. 45: "The strongest secret is the Dragon Fighting Spirit!? Protect our Dai!"

Ep. 46: "Stand up, Dai! The hero's path never ends!"