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Dora's 3D Driving Adventure is a driving game developed by 3D Groove and published by Nick Jr. released in 2002 for the PC.



Dora's 3-D Driving Adventure is a cute driving game for little kids in which you have to help Dora and Tico pick up all 10 packages along the track and return them to Val's mail truck. Swiper may appear from time to time on his motor-scooter to steal some of the packages, so you should watch out not to crash into him. To retrieve Swiper's hidden packages, you will have to make Dora and Tico drive into the off-road areas to follow Swiper. You should always try to find the red gas can, which can make the car drive back to the main track at super speed. The game includes three difficulty modes to choose from according to your child's skills. They all vary in the number of obstacles and the number of times Swiper appears.

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