Dog Barking 02 is a rare sound effect. It is a portion of Sound Ideas, DOG, MIXED BREED - MEDIUM DOG, BARKING, ANIMAL.

Used In

TV Shows

  • Barney & Friends (Heard in:)
    • "Hoo's in the Forest?" (twice)
    • "Grown-Ups for a Day!" (once during the song "Had a Little Rooster")
    • "Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends" (once in a low volume during the story of "Harry the Dirty Dog")
    • "Let's Build Together" (once during the song "This is the House That Jack Built")
    • "E I E I O" (once during the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm")
    • "Once a Pond a Time" (once during the song "Every Animal Talks in Its Own Special Way")
    • "Five Kinds of Fun!" (once)



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