Opening Theme

Season 1

Ep 1.: "The Stolen Cartoons"

Ep 2.: "Big Bad Wolf Daddy"

Ep 3.: "The Three Caballeros"

Ep 4.: "Goofy's Valentine Date"

Ep 5.: "Timon and Pumbaa"

Ep 6.: "Jiminy Cricket"

Ep 7.: "Unplugged Club"

Ep 8.: "Gone Goofy"

Ep 9.: "Rent Day"

Ep 10.: "Donald's Lamp Trade"

Ep 11.: "Donald's Pumbaa Prank"

Ep 12.: "Thanks to Minnie"

Ep 13.: "Pluto Saves the Day"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Daisy's Debut"

Ep 2.: "Goofy for a Day"

Ep 3.: "Clarabelle's Big Secret"

Ep 4.: "The Mouse Who Came to Dinner"

Ep 5.: "Max's New Car"

Ep 6.: "Not So Goofy"

Ep 7.: "Everybody Loves Mickey"

Ep 8.: "Max's Embarrassing Date"

Ep 9.: "Where's Minnie?"

Ep 10.: "Super Goof"

Ep 11.: "King Larry Swings In"

Ep 12.: "Ladies' Night"

Ep 13.: "Dennis the Duck"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Suddenly Hades"

Ep 2.: "Pete's One-Man Show"

Ep 3.: "House of Crime"

Ep 4.: "Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation"

Ep 5.: "Donald and the Aracuan Bird"

Ep 6.: "Goofy's Menu Magic"

Ep 7.: "Music Day"

Ep 8.: "House of Scrooge"

Ep 9.: "Donald Wants to Fly"

Ep 10.: "Dining Goofy"

Ep 11.: "Chip 'n' Dale"

Ep 12.: "Humphrey in the House"

Ep 13.: "Ask Von Drake"

Ep 14.: "Salute to Sports"

Ep 15.: "Pluto vs. Figaro"

Ep 16.: "House of Magic"

Ep 17.: "Mickey vs. Shelby"

Ep 18.: "Clarabelle's Christmas List"

Ep 19.: "Pete's Christmas Caper"

Ep 20.: "Snow Day"

Ep 21.: "Pete's House of Villains"

Ep 22.: "Halloween with Hades"

Ep 23.: "House Ghosts"

Ep 24.: "House of Genius"

Ep 25.: "Mickey and the Culture Clash"

Ep 26.: "House of Turkey"

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