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Disney's Cartoon Arcade is a 1988 game by Cliff Johnson created by Walt Disney Home Video for use on the View-Master Interactive Vision system. Designed as a 30-minute gameshow, the player could watch classic Disney cartoon video clips and then play 10 different arcade games based on those clips. The View-Master Interactive Vision System was the earliest attempt to commercially combine video and computer imagery on your home television. By cabling the system between your VCR and TV, the unit was able to provide a video background layer with computer-generated foreground layer.


The game is hosted by Ludwig Von Drake (voiced by Corey Burton), using stock footage from An Adventure in Color (with introductory music and applause from Music for Everybody), A Square Peg in a Round Hole, Carnival Time, Inside Outer Space, Kids is Kids, In Shape with Von Drake, Inside Donald Duck, and Three Tall Tales.

The levels played are based on the following cartoon shorts:

  • Lonesome Ghosts
  • Tugboat Mickey
  • Donald's Tire Trouble
  • Mickey's Delayed Date
  • How to Play Football
  • Canine Caddy
  • Baggage Buster
  • Trailer Horn

The party montage at the end of the video uses clips from Mickey's Birthday Party, Donald's Crime, and How to Dance.

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