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"Chugging Home"

"Wilson's Song"

"Koko's Song"

"Brewster's Song"

"Chuggington Roll Call"

"Chug N Roll"

"Safari Park Song"

"Roundhouse Song"

"Choosing Chuggers"

"CPHQ Song"

"Docks Song"

"Ice Cream Song"

"On the Map! Song"

"Catching Koko"

"Going Bananas"

"A Day in the Life of a Chugger"

"On the Right Track!"

"Hide and Seek"

"Safari Nap Time"

"Guess That Chugger"

"Horn Harmony"

"Special Announcement"

"Wilson Adds Sprinkles"

"I Wish I Was a Train"

"Pull and Push"

"Snow Day"