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Jet Engines In Test Cell, With Afterburner

Sonic Boom & F-104 Supersonic Jets

F-86s Taking Off And Flying Overhead

Boeing 707's Taking Off

Trains, Steam & Diesel In Yard

Steam, Electric, Diesel Passing Country Crossing

Harbour Scene S. S. Matsonia Leaving

Speed Boats In Race, Passing Under Bridge

Sports Cars In Pit Area (Elkhart Lake, Wis.)

Sports Cars On Straightaway

Sports Cars On Approach To Curve

Sports Cars On Curve With Crash

Pigeons In Hayloft

Passing Of A Thunderstorm With Cicadas

Incoming Tide At Malibu With Seagulls

Horses, Horses

Jungle Scene

Hogs Slaughtered

Wild Geese And Birds

Babbling Brook



Day Crickets

Children Playing

Fireworks At Pallisades Park

Magic Mechanical Orchestra

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