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Dick DeBenedictis (the composer of these tracks)

Production music is used in many types of media from television to video games and many of these familiar production cues were composed by Dick DeBenedictis (Who is best known for composing music for Perry Mason and of course for his production music that is commonly used in many forms of media especially in the 90s and 2000s). These tracks are most commonly used in television shows starting at least in the early 90s, however these tracks were not released until 2006 when they were released onto the APM website on the album "Dramatic Workshop 26 - Moodsettlers, Link and Stings" as part of the Dramatic Workshop production music series (Which many tracks from shows like Rocko's Modern Life and SpongeBob SquarePants come from).

Some of the most famous tracks are "Predators (a)", "Predators (e)" (both of which are modeled after an excerpt from the theme of the 1987 science fiction movie "Predator"), "Evil Mind (3)", "Train Ride (a)" and "Psycho Chase (b)".

The entire collection sound effects were released as part of the Symphonic Adventures Production Elements Toolkit in 1997 and was released on CD by Adventure Production Elements and Sound Ideas. 


All tracks can be found and heard on

APM Music and Sound Ideas.
Suspense Sounds-3

Suspense Sounds-3

The "Suspense sounds" from the ITunes app, contains unreleased music and slightly modified versions of unknown tracks.

SpongeBob Music - Evil Mind 3

SpongeBob Music - Evil Mind 3

This is the perhaps the most known of Dick DeBenedictis' production music, "Evil Mind 3".

  • Manhattan Chase (a-f)
  • Manhattan Chase OL (1-4)
  • Predators (a-h)
  • Train Ride (a-d)
  • Train Ride OL (1-3)
  • Coast Road (a-b)
  • Alert (a-b)
  • Action Fanfare (a-b)
  • Mentally Confused (a-i)
  • Alarming Message (a-c)
  • Trap (same track as "Alarming Message (a)")
  • Doom Threat
  • Tough Chase (a-e)
  • Tough Chase OL (1-4)
  • Railway Station
  • Tough Action (a-c, fast version of "Railway Station")
  • Eerie Scene (a-b)
  • Final Touch (a-b)
  • Psychos
  • Uneasy
  • Midnight Run (a-c)
  • Evil Mind (1-12)
  • Inner Tension
  • Nervous Tension (1-3)
  • Dark Premonition (a-b)
  • Bronx (a-c, slower version of "Train Ride" tracks)
  • Drunk (1-2)
  • Cluster (1-5)
  • Very Wrong
  • Zoom (a-e)
  • The Shock (a-e)
  • Bad Guys (a-b)
  • Dark Thoughts
  • Dark Action (a-b)
  • Wild and Free (a-f)
  • Wild and Free OL (1-3)
  • Help (1-12)
  • Stabs
  • Lost Hearts (a-e)
  • Lost Hearts OL
  • Orchestral Drama Cue (a-b)
  • Orchestral Drama Cue OL (1-2)
  • Col Legno
  • Death Clock (a-i)
  • Psycho Chase (a-b)
  • Increase (a-b)
  • Film Orchestra FX (1-?)
  • Vertigo Gang (a-f)

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  • iMovie (The tracks are labeled as suspense sounds. "Evil Mind 3", "Evil Mind 4" and "Evil Mind 10" are heard in normal form, "Predators (d)", "Inner Tension" and "Psycho Chase (b)" are slightly modified. Two unknown tracks are heard.)
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