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Dick DeBenedictis (the composer of these tracks)

Production music is used in many types of media from television to video games and many of these familiar production cues were composed by Dick De Benedictis (who is best known for composing music for Perry Mason and of course for his production music that is commonly used in many forms of media especially in the 90s and 2000s). These tracks are most commonly used in television shows starting at least in the early 90s, with many of these originating from Benedictis' score for Columbo.

Some of the most famous tracks are "Predators (a)", "Predators (e)" (both of which are modeled after an excerpt from the theme of the 1987 science fiction movie "Predator"), "Evil Mind (3)", "Train Ride (a)" and "Psycho Chase (b)".

The entire collection sound effects were originally recorded in circa 1995, and then released as part of the Symphonic Adventures Production Elements Toolkit in 1997 and was released on CD by Adventure Production Elements and Sound Ideas. Many of these tracks were later reissued on Sonoton Music's album "Dramatic Workshop 26 - Moodsetters, Links & Stings".


All tracks can be found and heard on

APM Music and Sound Ideas.


Suspense Sounds-3

The "Suspense sounds" from the ITunes app.


SpongeBob Music - Evil Mind 3

This is the perhaps the most known of Dick DeBenedictis' production music, "Evil Mind 3".

APM Track List

  • Manhattan Chase (a-f)
  • Manhattan Chase OL (1-4)
  • Predators (a-h)
  • Train Ride (a-d)
  • Train Ride OL (1-3)
  • Coast Road (a-b)
  • Alert (a-b)
  • Romance (a-m)
  • Action Fanfare (a-b)
  • Mentally Confused (a-i)
  • Alarming Message (a-c)
  • Trap (same track as "Alarming Message (a)")
  • Doom Threat
  • Tough Chase (a-e)
  • Tough Chase OL (1-4)
  • Railway Station
  • Tough Action (a-c, fast version of "Railway Station")
  • Eerie Scene (a-b)
  • Final Touch (a-b, c-f*)
  • Psychos
  • Auto Million
  • Uneasy
  • Midnight Run (a-c)
  • Evil Mind (1-12, 13-17*)
  • Inner Tension
  • Nervous Tension (1-3)
  • Dark Premonition (a-b)
  • Enough (a-e)
  • Bronx (a-c, slower version of "Train Ride" tracks)
  • Drunk (1-2)
  • Cluster (1-5)
  • Very Wrong (a-b)
  • Stop the Presses
  • Zoom (a-e)
  • The Shock (a-e)
  • Bad Guys (a-e)
  • Dark Thoughts
  • Dark Action (a-b)
  • Dead End (a-e)
  • Wild and Free (a-f)
  • Wild and Free OL (1-3)
  • Help (1-12)
  • Stabs
  • Lost Hearts (a-e)
  • Lost Hearts OL (1-4)
  • Orchestral Drama Cue (a-b)
  • Orchestral Drama Cue OL (1-3)
  • Col Legno
  • Death Clock (a-i, j-k*)
  • Knife Cue (a-b)
  • Psycho Chase (a-c)
  • Increase (a-c)
  • Mystic Insight
  • Film Orchestra FX (1-12) (same as the Following Tracks, but has Additional Ones)
  • Vertigo Gang (a-f)

Similar Variations

Used In

TV Shows

TV Specials

  • A Fairly Odd Christmas (2012) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once.)
  • Giant Monsters (2004)
  • Night Visitors (2000) (a documentary special that aired on TLC and The Travel Channel during the 90s.)
  • The 100 Scariest Movie Moments (2004)

Theme Parks

Universal Studios Hollywood:


  • DMC Toho Cinema Policy Trailer
  • Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!
  • Scooby-Doo Is Over There


  • Armonyl ("Evil Mind 3" and "Psycho Chase (b)" are heard.)
  • BCI Bath & Showers ("Evil Mind 3" is heard frequently.)
  • Capital One
  • Chocman (2007) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard.)
  • Cocoa Puffs (Either 2005 or 2006)
  • DirecTV Argentina - Error 771 (2016) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard twice.)
  • Fruit by the Foot - Shower (2010) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard.)
  • Fruit Gushers - Magic Gushers (1998)
  • Got Milk? - Marvel Superheroes (Either 2000 or 2001) ("Action Fanfare (A)" and the short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" are heard during a scene of the commercial.)
  • Honey Nut Cheerios - Geyser (2005)
  • JCPenny - Back-to-School Zombies (2007)
  • Kirby Mass Attack Commercial (2011)
  • Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Commercial - Channel Surfing (1999) ("Action Fanfare (a)" is heard in the Godzilla Scene.)
  • Nickelodeon Fruit Snacks - Jimmy Neutron (2004)
  • Simon Malls
  • Sims Snowboarding
  • Sour Punch Straws - Punch School (2008) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard.)
  • Subway - Dinner Theatre (2006)



  • Alliance Atlantis (1999-2005) (Logos) (The short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is sampled in the 1999-2005 logo, and the climax sounds more clear in the short version.)
  • CJ Entertainment
  • Hoyt's General Cinema
  • Mondo Home Entertainment (The short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is sampled near the end of the logo.)
  • Nine Network
  • Production I.G. / ING (1997)
  • Ramu Enterprises (The short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is heard near the end of the 2003-04 logo.)
  • Red Chillies Entertainment (The short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is heard throughout the company's 2007-13 logo. The first part of the music is repeated twice, the first time in regular pitch and the second time in triple high pitch. The ending plays in regular pitch.)
  • Star Cinema (2000-2010, 2013-present)
  • Tyne Tees Television (The extended, medium length, and short versions of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" are heard throughout the 1996-98 Channel 3 North East and 1998-99 TTTV logos.)
  • Yoshiart Network Movies (2020-2021)

Video Games

  • Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2
  • The Bouncer (Heard in some cutscenes.)
  • Breath of Fire IV ("Vertigo Gang (a-f)" and "Bad Guys (a)" are been used in the track of Dragon's Blood.)
  • Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion
  • Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Heard in "Demo Ver. 1, "Demo Ver. 2" and "Ending Ver. 2".)
  • Crash Tag Team Racing
  • Cyberchase The Quest 3 (“Evil Mind 3” Is Heard once in The Story)
  • Dead or Alive 4 ("Evil Mind 3" is sampled in a theme of "Alpha-152".)
  • Delta Force: Urban Warfare ("Manhattan Chase (a)" and "Wild and Free (b)", among others, were used in the soundtrack.)
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse ("Increase (b)" used near the end of E3 2014 trailer.)
  • Burnout 3: Takedown ("Evil Mind 1" and "Doom Threat" used as a sample while Impact Time is activated.)
  • Burnout CRASH! (An shortened version of "Evil Mind 3" is used when De-Buff or Super Feature is used.)
  • Castle Totenkopf: SDL Edition ("Predators" used when you die.)
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 ("Predators (f)" is sampled in "Grinder".)
  • Die Hard Arcade
  • Empire Earth
  • Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life
  • Endgame
  • Evolution Snowboarding
  • Fantastic Four (2005) (Video Game) ("Tough Action (a)" is heard once.)
  • Final Fantasy X-2
  • Grand Theft Auto (The short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is heard at the 6:25 mark of the Head Radio station.)
  • Gun Metal
  • Half-Life
  • Half-Life 2
  • Heavy Rain
  • Jak II (Heard in some cutscenes.)
  • Jak 3 (Heard in some cutscenes.)
  • Jurassic Park: Trespasser
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising (Sampled in the Underground.)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Heard once in a cutscene.)
  • Mata Nui Online Game
  • MediEvil ("Wild and Free (b)" used in the final boss fight theme.)
  • Metroid Prime
  • Nocturne
  • Police Trainer 2
  • Portal
  • Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (Heard low pitched.)
  • Rayman: Raving Rabbids ("The iMovie Suspense Pack" are Heard.)
  • Resident Evil 2 ("Eerie Scene (a)" is used in Claire Redfield's intro cinematic.)
  • Resident Evil 4 (slightly sampled in the theme of El Lago.)
  • Scaler
  • Severance: Blade of Darkness
  • The Simpsons Arcade Game ("Psycho Chase (b)" used when the players encountered the zombies.)
  • Spider-Man (2002) (Video Game)
  • Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (Heard in some cutscenes.)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom
  • Spyro the Dragon 2: Gateway to Glimmer
  • Super Mario Maker (Re-Arranged for the Doom Sound.)
  • Taz: Wanted
  • Team Fortress Classic (the final note of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is heard when a player captures the flag.) (Might Delete soon)
  • Tekken 3 ("Doom Threat", "Eerie Scene (B)", "Psycho Chases (A/B)", and "Nervous Tensions (1, 3)" are Heard in Jin Kazama's ending cutscene in the PS1 version.)
  • Time Crisis 1 (Heard in the Special Mode, part of PS1 version.)
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (Video Game) ("Evil Mind 1" used when Demoness is selected.)
  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Video Game) ("Evil Mind 3" used in the first cutscene.)
  • True Crime: Streets of L.A (2003)
  • Vib Ribbon (heard before the Title Screen)
  • Vigilance
  • Who Wants to Beat Up A Millionaire
  • X2: Wolverine's Revenge


  • The Busy Bee Dogs: The 3 Little Pigs (2008) (Trailers) (The iMovie version of "Predators (d)" is heard once and "Evil Mind 3" is heard twice.)
  • Jak II (Trailers)


  • 31 Minutos: La Película (Some of the Samples are Heard in the Brazilian Version)
  • Million Dollar Password (2008) (Manhattan Chase is heard)
  • Movies! - Popcorn Movies Outro ("Evil Mind 3" is heard)
  • The Talk - Under The Dome (2014) (Ugh... What Audio is Heard?)
  • The X-Files - The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat (2018) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard.)

Bumpers/Station IDs

  • Fox Movie Channel (2000-2007 version)
  • 103.5 BOB FM
  • Sky Movies (1998)
  • Sky News Sunrise (1997) (The short version of "Film Orchestra FX (1)" is heard in a low pitch.)
  • KVDA Telemundo 60 San Antonio ("Evil Mind 3" was Played in One Telecast News.)
  • Radio Aconcagua 91.7 FM ("Evil Mind 3" is heard)


  • Canticuentos: La Alegria de Cantar (2005) (Videos)

Other Media

  • Endless Alphabet ("Evil Mind 3" is heard in "ITCHY")
  • Goofy Wants His Money (TikTok)
  • iMovie ("Evil Mind 3", "Evil Mind 4" and "Evil Mind 10", as well as modified versions of "Predators (d)", "Inner Tension", "Alert (b)" and "Psycho Chase (c)" are labeled as mystery and suspense sounds.)
  • Instagram
  • Red Skelton Show (2006 Quality Television DVD Release) (iMovie and Garageband were both responsible to compose the music.)

YouTube Videos

  • Action Replay Review (adrianmarti) ("Evil Mind 3" is heard.)
  • Alonzo Lerone Videos
  • Angry Birds ("Evil Mind 3" is heard in the Cinematic Trailer.)
  • AmtrakGuy365
  • Annoying Orange
  • Battle for Dream Island
  • The Bedfellows ("Evil Mind 3" is Heard Frequently)
  • The Caddicarus Show
  • Campus School Videos (Heard once in "Sophie, Meredith, and Amarie".)
  • CartoonMania
  • CartoonMania: The Movie (2019)
  • Charlie Studios
  • ClaireRabbit1 🥕 ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once in "My reaction that Youtube keeps recommending me elephant videos".)
  • Cool School (YouTube Video)
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
  • Crazy Hand in a Nutshell (JPiZZle)
  • CyansWorldCartoon
  • Donkey Kong - The BLU Heist ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once.)
  • Explosm Entertainment (Since 2009)
  • emo boy (meme) (tvokids) (15+ or 16+) ("Evil Mind 10" is heard in beginning.)
  • Ed's Retro Geek Out
  • FatherAndSonTalk
  • FavijTV ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once in "Goat Simulator - LA CAPRA SATANICA OBESA! - #2".)
  • FGTeeV
  • Fred
  • GeoScarton Videos
  • Horror Madagascar (The iMovie Suspense and Mystery Pack is heard.)
  • Ironmouse ("Evil Mind 10")
  • Jenna Rosee Series
  • Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
  • JonTron
  • Kevin LaSean
  • League of Legends (Evil Mind 10 is used in one promo.)
  • Mad Mad Mario ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once in Episode 4.)
  • MajorEngineStudios
  • MaryannKitty11: The Series ("Evil Mind 3" (Original Version) and "Predators (d)" (iMovie Version) are heard frequently.)
  • Mike's Toontown ("Evil Mind 3" Is heard in "Once Upon a Spongebob", "Miss Ocean Shores", "Babysitter Blues", "Best Bro" and "Drive Thru".)
  • MMadness (Alert (b) is heard twice in "Youmu & Sakuya Battle for Pancakes".)
  • Mommyof3xo Series (Heard in "WORST SQUISHY PACKAGE EVER! I WAS SCAMMED! (NOT A SKIT!)".)
  • MrBeast
  • MrEngine88 ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once in the end of "TrackMaster Narrow Gauge Races: Episode 19 - Duke vs Bertram".)
  • Plainrock124
  • PewDiePie Videos (2011-2016, 2019-)
  • pokapoka slime
  • Quimic
  • Ramahfool
  • The Ruby Tuesday
  • SMG4 Videos ("Psycho Chase (c) (iMovie Version)" is Heard Frequently)
  • SML Videos
  • Smosh Videos
  • Snootz BB2.0 Videos
  • SquirrelStampede
  • Steamed Hams but I Added some iMovie Music and Sound Effects
  • Straight Arrow Productions (Heard in "Thomas and the Killer Cars".)
  • Taylor Was Here Again
  • Tom Tank Productions
  • ToonCee ("Evil Mind 3" is heard once in "I SNITCHED ON MY DAD FOR DOING A NO NO!".)
  • Tushar Kd ("Evil Mind 10" is heard twice in "Super Mario Buying PS5".)
  • Toy Story YTPs (Heard once in "You Are a Sad, Strange Little Man".)
  • The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab
  • WhitneyGoLucky ("Evil Mind 3" (Original Version) and "Predators (d)" (iMovie Version) are heard frequently.)
  • Wilhelm Scream Compilation (Atomic Bagpipe Pictures) (Heard in the beginning.)
  • YTP Tennis Round 8 - Mamon Fighter vs. Mario90007 (Mamon Fighter The 2nd Channel)


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