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Di Gi Charat

"Dejiko is Here-nyo"

"Call me Rabi-en-Rose"

"A Scary Store?"

"What the Heck is It?"

"Mister Longe"

"Bukimi Boo"

"Gema Gema Pushuuu"

"The Beam Won't Come Out-nyu..."

"Romantic in a Way"

"Imposter Dejiko Appears!"

"Warm Fluffy Rice-nyo"

"Monsters and Stuff Appear!"

"I'm Possessed-nyo"

"Abarenbou Comes to Town"


"Usada Explodes"

Summer Special 2000

Ep. 1

Piyoko is Here-nyo

It's the Black Gamers-nyo

Ep. 2

Abarenbou Strikes Back

A Summer Bug

Christmas Special


Ohanami Special

"Evil Settles in"

"Sakura Sakura"

"Long Haired Big Brother-nyu"

"Don't Call Me Rabi-en-Rose"

Natsuyasumi Special

Ep. 1

Dejiko in America 1

Dejiko in America 2

Ep. 2

DePuRaPyoGeBou Debut

Is Anyone Here-nyo?

Tsuyu Special

Gema's Abode

Tsusodeshiu Theater Team (Nice!)

Leave it to Piyoko-pyo!

"Piyoko's Planet-pyo"

"We're Going to Go to Earth-pyo"

"Piyoko is Here-pyo"

"Who's Amaenbou-pyo?"

"Let's All Draw-pyo"

"Coo is a Doctor-pyo"

"Blue Red Green-pyo"

"Big Sister Dejiko-pyo"

Winter Garden

First Half

Second Half