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JP: August 4, 2015
EU: August 28, 2015
AU: August 29, 2015
NA: December 11, 2015

Devil's Third (Japanese: デビルズサード, Hepburn: Debiruzu Sādo) is an action-adventure hack and slash shooter video game developed by Valhalla Game Studios and published by Nintendo for the Wii U. The Wii U version was released in most regions in August 2015, and later in North America in December 2015. An online multiplayer-only version for Microsoft Windows, titled Devil's Third Online, was released in collaboration with Korean publisher Nexon in Japan in June 2016. The Windows version also supports voice-chat, which the Wii U version lacks. Despite receiving positive reviews in Japan, the Wii U version received negative reviews internationally upon release.


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