Soundeffects Wiki


Season 1

"Evie's Explosion of Taste"

"Mal's Digi-Image Problem"

"Audrey's New Do? New Don't!"

"Careful What You Wish For"

"Voodoo? You Do"

"Lamp Sweet Lamp"

"Genie Chic"

"Puffed Deliciousness"

"Good is the New Bad"

"Spirit Day"

"I'm Your Girl"

"Mash It Up"

"All Hail the New Q.N.L.B."

"Mad for Tea"

"Carpet Jacked"

"The Night is Young"

"Neon Lights Out"

"Hooked on Ben"

Season 2

"Slumber Party"

"Odd Mal Out"

"Pair of Sneakers"

"Wild Rehearsal"

"Chemical Reaction"

"Talking Heads"

"Steal Away"

"Evil Among Us"

"Options Are Shrinking"

"Party Crasher"



"Face to Face"

"United We Stand"