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Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop (電脳警察サイバーコップ Dennō Keisatsu Saibākoppu) is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series. First created in 1988 by Toho Enterprises, the show was an attempt to create a Tokusatsu series using a Super Sentai motif, but the idea was dropped after the unaired pilot. The series itself still slightly resembled a sentai show, with most of the protagonists wearing color-coordinated armor. The show was broadcast on NTV and aired from October 2, 1988 to July 5, 1989. It also aired in Brazil via the Rede Manchete stations back in 1990.


Battling the criminal organization DeathTrap, a group of elite ZAC officers wears high-tech armors called Bit Suits, which confer them superhuman capabilities. They are soon joined by Shin'ya Takeda, a stranger from the 23rd Century who, strangely enough, has his own Bit Suit, and learn that their actions in the present can help reshape for better the apocalyptic future from which Takeda came.

Air Date

  • October 2, 1988 - July 5, 1989

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